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Ms. P's 30-Year Triumph: From Undocumented to U.S. Citizen

A Triumph of Tenacity: Ms. P's Journey from Undocumented Immigrant to U.S. Citizen

We are thrilled to share a remarkable success story that unfolded within the walls of DeMine Immigration Law Firm. Our client, Ms. P, approached us with a challenge that spanned over three decades – living in the United States without lawful status. Today, we take you through Ms. P's incredible journey and how our firm helped her navigate the complexities of immigration law.

The Challenge: Over 30 Years as an Undocumented Immigrant

Ms. P's predicament was unique. Her late biological father was a U.S. citizen, but due to circumstances, he had never petitioned for her. Furthermore, Ms. P was not born in wedlock, adding a layer of complexity to the case. DeMine Immigration Law Firm took on the challenge, understanding that Ms. P might be eligible for automatic citizenship through her U.S. citizen father.

DeMine Immigration's Approach

Our team delved into the intricacies of the law in effect at the time of Ms. P's birth in 1966. Recognizing the need to prove that Ms. P's father legitimated her before she turned 18, we conducted extensive research spanning the years 1966 to 1984. Building a comprehensive packet, we demonstrated two crucial points: Ms. P's father was a U.S. citizen, and despite being born out of wedlock, her father had acknowledged and claimed her as his child.
A detailed cover letter accompanied the evidence, outlining the applicable law and establishing Ms. P's eligibility for automatic citizenship. Ms. P placed her trust in our firm, and with our approach filed in November 2022, we eagerly awaited a decision.

A Triumph Worth Celebrating

The turning point came in November 2023 when Ms. P received an invitation to a swearing-in ceremony. With joy and anticipation, she took the oath and officially became a U.S. citizen. Ms. P, along with her family, visited our firm to share the momentous occasion, proudly displaying her naturalization certificate.

Celebrating Ms. P's Success

Ms. P's journey is a testament to the tenacity of those facing immigration challenges. Our firm takes immense pride in being a part of her success story, turning years of uncertainty into a celebration of citizenship.

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