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Triumph Over Deportation: Mr. and Mrs. P's Journey

Navigating Deportation: A Success Story of Mr. and Mrs. P

Today, we want to share a remarkable success story that underscores the challenges many individuals face in deportation cases and how strategic planning can make all the difference. Meet Mr. and Mrs. P, a couple who walked into our office with a deportation case that seemed to complicate their journey to legal status.

The Challenge: Administrative Closure

Mr. and Mrs. P's deportation case was administratively closed, posing a significant hurdle to their pursuit of permanent residency. Their U.S. citizen daughter, now 21, was ready to petition for their residency. However, the administrative closure meant that the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) lacked jurisdiction to grant residency without first resolving the deportation case.

Our Strategic Approach: Persistence and Precision

Facing this challenge head-on, our team crafted a multi-step strategy to pave the way for Mr. and Mrs. P's journey to lawful permanent residency:

  1. Motion to Recalendar and Dismiss: We filed a motion to recalendar and dismiss the deportation, highlighting the viable pathway to legal status through their U.S. citizen daughter. Despite an initial denial, we persevered.
  2. I-130 Petition Filing: Our office promptly filed the I-130 petition from the U.S. citizen daughter with USCIS, successfully obtaining approval.
  3. Adjustment of Status Filing: Upon receiving notices of residency pending before USCIS, we filed a second motion to dismiss proceedings. This time, we cited case law supporting the immigration judge's discretionary power to dismiss proceedings when relief is pending before USCIS.

Success Achieved: Dismissal Granted

Against the odds, the immigration judge granted our motion, dismissing the deportation proceedings. This crucial step cleared the path for USCIS to process and approve Mr. and Mrs. P's residency applications. With over 22 years of living in the United States, they are now one step closer to obtaining lawful permanent residency.

The Takeaway: Strategic Planning Matters

This success story highlights the importance of strategic planning in navigating the complexities of deportation cases. It underscores the need for persistence, precision, and a deep understanding of legal avenues available to individuals facing deportation.

At DeMine Immigration Law Firm, we are committed to providing personalized and strategic solutions for our clients, ensuring the best possible outcome in their immigration cases.

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