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From Appeal to Victory: Mr. S.'s Journey to Residency Approval

From Appeal to Victory: Mr. S.'s Journey to Residency Approval

At DeMine Immigration, we pride ourselves on helping individuals navigate the intricate terrain of immigration law.  We assist our clients with a number of cases- including the filing of appeals on denied cases. Every case presents its own unique set of obstacles, but with perseverance and expertise, we strive to navigate our clients through the complexities of the legal system. Recently, we had the privilege of assisting Mr. S. through a challenging chapter in his immigration journey.

Mr. S. was denied his adjustment of status with an I-601 fraud waiver. He was told that he could not establish the extreme hardship necessary for an approval of his I-601 waiver. Our law firm prepared Mr. S’s waiver filing and felt confident that Mr. S met the requirements to prove extreme hardship and that his waiver should have been granted. As such, we met and discussed the waiver results with Mr. S and advised him to appeal the denial. 

He entrusted us with his case, and we promptly filed an I-290B, Notice of Appeal, with the Administrative Appeals Office—a crucial step in challenging USCIS decisions believed to be incorrect.

Our appeal meticulously reiterated the evidence and arguments presented in Mr. S.'s initial filing, emphasizing the merits of his case. We fervently advocated for a thorough review of his situation.

We are pleased to announce the successful resolution of Mr. S.’s case as his appeal was granted. This positive development led to the reopening of his adjustment of status, ultimately resulting in the approval of his residency. Despite the extended duration and intricate processing times, our satisfaction lies in the realization that we played a crucial role in facilitating Mr. S.’s attainment of lawful status.

The journey with Mr. S. underscores our commitment to navigating the complexities of immigration law and achieving favorable outcomes for our clients. We are delighted to have contributed to Mr. S.’s success and remain steadfast in our dedication to providing effective legal solutions for those entrusting us with their immigration matters.

At DeMine Immigration, stories like Mr. S. 's fuel our commitment to excellence in immigration law. If you or someone you know is facing similar challenges, don't hesitate to reach out. Together, we can navigate the complexities and achieve success.

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