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25 Years Undocumented: The Strategy That Secured Our Client Legal Status

After years of emotional uncertainty and turmoil, our client, Mr. A, a former undocumented immigrant, has set an example of the importance of faith and resilience in the onerous pursuit of legal residency.

He has demonstrated what you can achieve with steadfast dedication.

Twenty-five years ago, Mr. A, a young Mexican national seeking a better future, entered the United States without inspection. He lived contributing to his community from the shadows as an undocumented immigrant for 20 years. Building roots, he met and married his U.S. citizen spouse, and eventually, they welcomed two children into their home.

In 2018, aiming for stronger stability for his family, Mr. A stepped into our firm.

He understood the only way forward was to officially begin his journey to legal status.

Thus, his 6-year immigration process began.


Step #1: Filing of An I-130 Marriage Petition

Our strategy began by aiming to demonstrate Mr. A’s dedication to his family, especially his U.S. citizen spouse.

Mr. A was able to provide such a substantial amount of evidence of couple commingling and lawful union that their petition was approved without an interview.


Step #2: Filing of an I-601A Unlawful Presence Waiver

The next step was to showcase that Mr. A’s contributions were so significant towards his spouse that his spouse would suffer extreme hardship if the waiver was denied. Hence, our strategy in filing an I-601A unlawful presence waiver.

Mr. A’s patience in this step of the process is admirable, as the current posted processing time for the I-601A waiver is over 3 years.

Our client was eventually rewarded, the waiver approved, allowing him to move on to the final step of his case.


Step #3: Completing Consular Processing of His Case

With his legal status within reach, Mr. A’s final feat was to complete the consular process. Once Mr. A’s documents were submitted to the U.S. consulate in Ciudad Juarez, our client was scheduled for an interview.

Having prepared with our firm, our client returned to Ciudad Juarez for the first time in 25 years for his interview.


DeMine Immigration is happy to report that after 25 years in the U.S.,  and an immigration process that took 6 years, Mr. A was finally granted legal status.

We hope sharing Mr. A's story inspires you through the tribulation you may be facing yourself. 


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