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Celebrating David Mora's Promotion: A Milestone at DeMine Immigration

Celebrating David Mora's Promotion: A Milestone at DeMine Immigration

We're thrilled to share some exciting news with you all.

Our very own David Mora has recently been promoted from Paralegal to Supervising Paralegal here at DeMine Immigration. It's a significant milestone for us, and we couldn't be prouder of his journey with us.

In his new role, David will be taking charge of overseeing our dedicated team of Legal Assistants and Paralegals. From assigning cases to addressing client concerns, he'll be ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently at DeMine Immigration. With his wealth of experience and unwavering dedication, we have no doubt that he'll excel in this new position.

David's story is a testament to growth and development within our firm. Starting as an Intern from FCGU, he quickly proved himself and was hired as a Legal Assistant. And now, within just two years, he's risen to the role of Supervising Paralegal. It's truly remarkable to see his progression and dedication to our mission.

As we celebrate David's success, we're reminded of the incredible talent and passion within our team. Each member plays a vital role in our mission to serve our clients with excellence and compassion.

Here's to David and his continued success at DeMine Immigration!

Warm regards,

Indera DeMine, Esq

DeMine Immigration Law Firm

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